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Eurocommerce Berlin
     In 2006, at the W.C. in Aachen, Eurocommerce Berlin absolutely grew in stature: the powerful stallion body pulled and stretched, took off and floated over the highest jumps and landed lightly. Then he cantered to the following jump, ears pricked forward, alert to every subtle command from his rider, Gerco Schröder.

     In 2007, at the E.C. in Mannheim Eurocommerce Berlin proved his class as well. Both times it was gold for the Dutch team, partly thanks to the jumping scope, the mentality and the suppleness of Eurocommerce Berlin and the quality of his rider. Eurocommerce Berlin has become a star thanks to his disposition and his jumping skill. One can hear murmers arising from all around the grandstands in competitions all over the world as soon as Eurocommerce Berlin enters the arena. All equestrian fans know of his qualities, are in admiration of him and they let it be known. Eurocommerce Berlin has become a star because he has been been tactfully deployed. Eurocommerce Berlin no longer has to prove himself; this grey stallion personifies everything that a horse needs to become a super star. A brilliant pedigree, matchless performances in the arena and offspring of which he may be rightly proud. Numerous are the breeders who are proud of their Berlin foals and many are the owners of a young Berlin. The road to success in sport and breeding is via Eurocommerce Berlin!

     Eurocommerce Berlin’s sire Cassini I was, in his years in sport, the trump card of the German/Frisian international rider Franke Sloothaak. The pair won, among other things, the Grand Prix at CHampion Gelderland, the former CSI at the national sports centre in Papendal and the Grand Prix at CSI Modena- the pet project of Luciano Pavarotti the tenor who died in 2007. Cassini’s sire, Capitol I, forms the genetical bottleneck where the stallion line of the legendary Cottage Son xx had to squeeze through to have the space to broadly spread out for a second time throughout the breeding world. 

     Cassini’s dam, Wisma, is from the small stock 3389 that, since Cassini I, has received more interest from the Holstein breeders. Except for full brother Cassini II, out of this stock Caleri (sire: Calido I), Cassaro (sire: Coronado) and Lovari (sire: Lasino) have since been licensed. From the point of view of sport, Eurocommerce Berlin's dam is just as interesting. His dam Estia (out of the famous Caretino) was the show jumping horse of both Aloïs Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Marc Wirths. However, these international riders brought her out under other names: respectively Coba and Cathleen-W. Pollman-Schweckhorst rode her grandam Ostia as well and also using another sports name: Frimella. From her stock 890 also come, among others, the show jumpers Crocodile Dandy of Alison Firestone and Feodora of Fritz Fervers. In November 1997, Eurocommerce Berlin had a good test as an unlicensed stallion in Adelheidsdorf; in the jumping index he scored 133.21 points and thus, in this section, came in second place just behind Acorado who has since also become equally famous. After successive approvals in both Holland in March 2003 and, under his former name Caspar, in Oldenburg in January 2005, Eurocommerce Berlin- ridden by Gerco Schröder- established his reputation by contributing to the winning of gold medals by the 'Oranje' team in both the WC in 2006 (Aachen) and at the EC in 2007 (Mannheim). The WC gold was sufficient to give him a permanent license by his stud book of birth, Holstein. The EC gold was the icing on the cake.


Studbook: Holstein
Rider: Gerco Schroder


European Champion Nations

Mannheim GER 2007
1st World Champion Nations Aachen GER 2006
1st Dutch Champion Mierlo NED  2006
1st Nation Cup St. Gallen SUI 2008
5th Nation Cup La Baule FRA 2008
5th Internatonal Competition 1.50m Arezzo ITA 2008
3rd Small Grand Prix 1.50m Athene GRE 2007
3rd International Competition 1.50m Athene GRE 2007
4th Grand Prix 1.60m Barcelona ESP 2007
2nd Nation Cup Barcelona ESP 2007
1st Nation Cup 1.60m St. Gallen SUI 2007
3rd International Competition 1.45m Neustadt-Dosse GER 2007
6th Jumping Competition WEG Aachen GER 2006
3rd 1st Round Nation Cup WEG Aachen GER 2006
3rd Speed Competition WEG Aachen GER 2006
1st Grand Prix 1.60m La Coruna ESP 2006
5th International competition 1.55m La Coruna ESP 2006
3rd International competition 1.50m Rotterdam NED 2006
4th Nation Cup 1.60m Luzern SUI 2006
4th Nation Cup 1.60m La Baule FRA 2006
4th Masters Vigo ESP 2006
4th Grand Prix 1.60m Vigo ESP 2006
2nd International competition 1.45m Bordeaux FRA 2005
1st International competition 1.45m Helsinki FIN 2005
5th Final Bremen GER 2005
1st 2 Rounds 1.60m Bremen GER 2005
1st Riders tour Team Trophy Bremen GER 2005
1st Grand Prix 1.60m Verona ITA 2004
2nd International competition 1.45m Verona ITA 2004
2nd International competition 1.50m Valkenswaard NED 2004
1st International team competition Cannes FRA 2004
3rd Grand Prix 1.60m La Baule FRA 2004
3rd Riders tour team trophy Dortmund GER 2004

2010 Stud fee:

All stud fees are converted from euros into dollars on the day the breeding contract is signed
Please note this semen is now sold by the straw and there is no LFG.

Per per straw        €300.  Minimum order of 10 straws.
Eurocommerce Berlin Cassini I Capitol I Capitano
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Estia Caretino Caletto II
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